FmPro Script Diff

FmPro Script Diff

FmPro Script Diff compares, edits, searches and stores FileMaker...

FmPro Script Diff compares, edits, searches and stores FileMaker ScriptMaker scripts. Changed scripts are compared on a line-by-line basis and displayed with color coded tags to the left of each modified line.

Interline changes are also highlighted to indicate Changed, Added or Deleted text. Each scripts XML source can be manually edited or updated via the Search and Replace feature, and pasted back into FileMaker Advanced.

Transferring scripts between FileMaker Advanced and FmPro Script Diff is done by copying and pasting the scripts via the clipboard. No DDR Export is required.

The XML code representing each script is parsed, converted to human-readable text and checked for errors. Each script is stored in an embedded SQLite3 database within FmPro Script Diff, capable of storing up to 2TB of data.

Selected scripts can then be copied back onto the clipboard as XML for pasting back into FileMaker or as RTF formatted text for project documentation.

Each attribute of the script definition is copied onto the clipboard, including Script Name, Script ID, and Include in Menu status. FmPro Script Diff improves productivity by helping FileMaker developersanswer questions such as:What changes have been made to this ScriptMaker script?

Which scripts have been changed between two database revisions? Which scripts were modified on a particular day? Which scripts were modified by a specific developer?

Where is this global variable modified within each script of my solution? Is this field used by any script in my solution (before I delete, modifyor reuse it).

FmPro Script Diff


FmPro Script Diff